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From Ladies Night Out, Bridal Party celebrations, Fundraising and moreyou can host a party with Barnyard Lane! 


Hosting a party with Barnyard Lane is so much fun and hosts receive great benefits for themselves or their cause*. Please fill out the form below so we can plan the greatest experience for you and your guests. Parties require a 6 person minimum. 24 person Maximum.

A location will be decided once a date is finalized.

We will send an email invitation to each address provided. The email will inform guests of your event. It will direct them to the gallery so they can submit the order directly to us, indicating the design and customization they would like. They will then be guided to the payment section if the party is not prepaid.

*Call us at 516 420 0013 so we can discuss your party.

We want to learn more about your fun and fundraising goals

and how your party can reap the most rewards.


Thank you for choosing Barnyard Lane for your next event. Party on!